About us

Market veterans

Hitprom agency was established in January of 1992 as just another small company of many that boomed as capitalism maid it's return to Serbia after almost 50 years. Our main goal was to provide top quality service to the yet undefined and chaotic market. Our persistence and determination to maintain highest level of service, no matter how big or small was the task ahead of us, carried our name successfully even outside of the Serbian borders. Economic isolation and wars of the 1990's eliminated most of our competition so today Hitprom is the oldest and biggest local real estate agency catering to expatriates.

Our vast list of clients, apart from almost all diplomatic and humanitarian missions, include company names like:



So no matter if you require apartment for just few days, villa at most exclusive part of Belgrade, office big or small or you are looking for some investment opportunity, our experience and toughly defended high standards.

Anastasija Rajičić
General Manager